Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Not a New Years Resolution

About 6 years ago  I created this blog to try out the desktop  text editor provided by Blogger (now Google).   As I remember it, I only dallied long enough to discover that the client wasn't a Java (Swing) application.  In 2002 blogging wasn't nearly as popular a pastime as it is now, in fact I'm not sure if it was even a verb in 2002.   These days  blogging can be a career or an aspect of one. 

Between 2003 and 2008, while working on Java client software at Sun, I occasionally posted technical blog entries about the software we were working on.   That blog was    I work at Adobe now, on the Flash based Flex SDK , and the blog is effectively closed.   Thanks to Google, it's still the number one match for "Hans Muller" and so perhaps for the rest of eternity I will be the " CTO for Sun's Desktop division".   In spite of the fact that Sun hasn't had a Desktop division for a long time.

With any luck, this blog will be a catalog of some personal photos and the occasional note about whatever inspires me to write.   I've also created a technical blog at   It's empty at the moment.

To start things off on the right note, here's a picture from a trip to Beijing a few years ago.   I've used the same picture for my "profile" since I couldn't find many pictures of myself without spending time rooting around in our photo archive.  This picture was taken at a fish restaurant and the waiter had just handed me a plastic bag with a live fish in it.  He just wanted to make sure that it was the one we wanted to eat. 

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